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DRILL "2-2 British Bulldog"
Title:2-2 British Bulldog
Author:FE Administrator
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Picture 1: O1 & O2 start on the endline with a ball. Their goal is to go the length of the court and score in the opposite basket. In each of the four areas the court is divided into there are two defenders. Defenders can only play defense in their area.
Picture 2: After scoring the ball is rolled back to the opposite end, all players shift down one area, X1 & X2 attempt to go through the four areas, O1 & O2 have become the defenders in the fourth area. On a steal / turnover the same rotation occurs. Play until every pair has rotated through x times as defined by the coach.
Goals / purpose / skills
Pressure Offense is practiced with the 2 offensive players having to battle defenders the 28m of the court. The defensive players in each zone can pressure the ball knowing that the next line of defense is always there.
Do not allow the offensive players to dribble. Put a time limit e.g. 24 seconds within which they have to shoot in the fourth area.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Effective use of the pass and dribble will equal success for the offensive pair.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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