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DRILL "1-2 Full Court"
Title:1-2 Full Court
Author:FE Administrator
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Divide the court in two. Put players together in groups of three. Two groups will be on the court at a time. Give a ball to each group. One player on each group is on offence and the other two are on defence.
The offensive player must reach the other end of the floor, trying to beat both defenders. If a steal or deflection occurs, the offensive player gets the ball back at that spot. At the other end of the floor, the offensive player moves to defence and one of the defensive players goes to offence and they come back in the opposite direction in the same way (1v2). Continue with the next group of three players.
Goals / purpose / skills
A good 1v2 defensive drill that helps people with their ball handling, and double teaming on defence.
1. Do not let the defensive players use their arms.
2. After a steal, let them play 2v1.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Let the players only use their half of the floor. Tell the ball handlers to be aggressive and use moves and not be afraid of making mistakes.
Players / Coaches
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