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DRILL "6 Players, 5 Balls, 2 Winners"
Title:6 Players, 5 Balls, 2 Winners
Author:FE Administrator
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The drill starts with six players on the baseline and five balls on the half court line. On a signal from the coach, the players run towards the centre and try to pick up a ball. The five successful players dribble in the front court, while the sixth player tries to steal any ball. This drill will last one minute - when the time is up the player without a ball is out of the game and must run penalties. The drill continues with five players and four balls, and finishes when there are only two players and one ball left.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill is to practice dribbling skills.
The dribbling area could be extended or reduced. The running time of the drill could be changed.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Players should take care to avoid collisions.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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