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DRILL "Secondary break Guard Shooting"
Title:Secondary break Guard Shooting
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2 coaches on either side of the court to rebound and outlet.
PG starts at the outlet position and speed dribbles down the right hand side of the floor to the other side.
Have the PG slow down after the half way line to simulate a missed fast break
At the three point line he stops using the two foot stop and shoots.
Coach two rebounds and outlets to PG who goes the other way.
Continue the drill for 2 mins and free throws to rest.

Switch to outlet on the left hand side and repeat the drill.
Goals / purpose / skills
Teaching the PG to stop and shoot on the secondary break.

Skill includes a two foot stop and a one foot stop.
- Use one-two foot stop.
- Use two foot stop.
- Mid-range shots
-Three pointers
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Have the point guard spin towards the side line on the rebound to get proper outlet pass.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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