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DRILL "Individual Skill Moves for One - on One"
Title:Individual Skill Moves for One - on One
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The forward should immediately look toward the basket when he recives the ball under normal condition (Graphic 1).

- Drive to the baseline or the middle for a jumpshot: Grapic 2.
- Drive to the baseline or he middle for a jump shot with a pump fake: Grapic 3.
- Drive to the baseline or the middle for a step back jump shot: Grapic 4.
- A delay of the dribble as the step-back is faked and the dribble continues toward the baseline and basket: Grapic 5.
- Drive to the basket after taking a rocket step toward the basket, to the middle or baseline: Grapic 6.
- Drive to the basket after a short step with the left foot and a kickoff with the right foot as soon a s the left foot touches the floor: Grapic 7.

Shoot 2x 10 shoots of each move on both sides of the the court. Take 2 shots of FT between each set.
Goals / purpose / skills
- Devlopment of the baseline drive and drive to the middle to the basket.
Add 60% defense
Play live 1v1
If you have more than one player make them take 2 long dribble after the rebound (like they are starting the fast break).
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- On the drive to the baseline or middle for a pump fake and a jump shot the right foot is toward the baseline.
- On the step back jump shot the right foot is stepped back to the baseline.
- Rocker step is and upper torso and head fake with the lower torso kept in a flexed knee position.
Players / Coaches
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