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DRILL "Passing Points Game"
Title:Passing Points Game
Author:FE Administrator
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Divide players into two teams. As the offensive team passes the ball, the coach or players count the number of passes made to team members. These are 'passing points.' Note, a player who receives the ball must pass to a player other than the one who passed him the ball to add to the 'passing points'. When the offensive team makes a basket they score the number of 'passing points' they have built up. These are their 'game points.' Should they miss the shot, the 'passing points' drop to zero. Should the other team steal the ball, they also steal the number of 'passing points' built up. If the ball goes out of bounds, the 'passing points' drop to zero. Teams will become very proficient at controlling the ball. Also this helps in teaching shot selection. If a team has a large number of points built up, they will work hard to get an easy shot. Defensively, it teaches the players pressure defense.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill teaches ball control, how to make good passes, pressure defence, shot selection and how to get open.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
This drill will also help younger players learn how to get open. You might want to go over v-cuts, give and go, backdoor cuts, and screens. As they play they should naturally develop good spacing. You must make sure that the defence does not get lazy after so many passes. Soon players will be able to control the ball well. You will be able to say 'first team to 100' and teams will be able to reach this figure in perhaps 10 minutes.
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