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DRILL "Gauntlet"
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This drill practises ball handling under pressure.

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O1 has a ballunderneath the basket. 4 defenders line up with equal space to havecourt. O1 has to dribble through the defender without loosing controll of the ball. At the end he dríves to the basket and scores.

1. stage: defenders can only stand and reach in with their arms
2. stage: defenders can take two steps sideways and reach in
3. stage: defenders can move from sideline to sideline
4. stage: have the defenders reach around and foul, O1 plays X5 1-1 at the other end.
Goals / purpose / skills
Better ballhandling under pressure
Have more offensive players go through.
Have more defensive players line up.
Alow only right/left handed dribblling.
Go with 2 balls at a time.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis There are no data
Players / Coaches
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