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DRILL "4 Man Drill"
Title:4 Man Drill
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4 men are on one side of the court, 2 perimeter players, 2 centers. The coach tosses the ball up on the backboard, the two centers fight for the rebound. One of them gets the rebound, makes the outlet to his side perimeter player, who passes to the other perimeter player (he moves to the top of the key). The player with the ball dribbles hard to half court, turns and dribbles back to the top of the key, and after a dribble move passes back to the other perimeter player, who has made a low V cut. The center screens for him, and comes back to receive the pass. The center re-posts and calls for the ball. After he gets it, he makes a 1v1 move to the basket (coaches choice) and tosses the ball up on the backboard for the weak side center, who grabs the rebound and outlets. The drill continues.
Goals / purpose / skills
A great combination drill, with rebounding from the weak side, outlet, getting open with a V cut and screen; for centers positioning, pass to the post, 1-1 moves.
Add a defender for centers, or to perimeter players too. 3 point shooting after an inside outside pass instead of an inside finish.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Dribble hard, make legit 1v1 moves, pass to the post in different ways (overhead, bounce, etc.)
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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