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DRILL "Chasing 3 on 2"
Title:Chasing 3 on 2
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This is a transition drill.

Graphic 1:

O1 and O2 line up on the low blocks, with one of them having a basketball.
O3, O4 and O5 line up behind the baseline, in the left and right corner and in the center of the baseline.
on the whistle O1 and O2 pass the ball back and forth without dribbling the ball. They try to score a basket before O3 (chasing them) can deflect a pass. O4 and O5 sprint to the opposite baseline.

Graphic 2:

O3 takes the ball out and inbounds it right away to O4 who dribbles it upcourt, O5 meanwhile sprints ahead. O3 fills the open lane.

O1 and O2 become defenders.

they now play 3 on 2.

if O3 deflects a pass, he, O4 and O5 are offence right away.
Goals / purpose / skills
to teach a quick inbound and quick transition from defence to offence
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