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DRILL "Low Post Fronting Drill"
Title:Low Post Fronting Drill
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When the ball is on the wing, you can 1/2 or 3/4 front the low post from the baseline side. Fronting from the baseline side stops the baseline drop-step move. The defender straddles the post player with one foot behind and one foot in front with one arm wrapped around the front of the post player. When the ball is at the point, X1 can step below and around, and get both feet above the offensive post with an arm bar on him and a hand in the passing lane. Have X1 step under (rather than in front of the offensive player) because you never give up inside position this way. If players step in front, it is possible for the offensive player to seal them and get inside position for the quick inside pass. See Picture 1. O1 and O2 pass the ball back and forth. X1 must quickly re-position with each pass. Use both low blocks to teach defence on both sides of the court. This is a very simple but important drill in teaching correct fronting and defensive footwork.
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