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DRILL "3-0 Basket Cut Drill w/ Screen"
Title:3-0 Basket Cut Drill w/ Screen
Author:FE Administrator
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This drill begins with O1 and O2 positioned at the top of the key and O3 positioned at the free throw line. O1 passes the ball to O2; he passes the ball to O3. After the second pass, O1 moves to set a screen for O2. O2 uses the screen and cuts straight to the basket. After the screen O1 continues his movement and cuts to the low post. O3 chooses either O1 or O2 to receive the pass for a layup.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill is perfect for improving basket cuts. It also teaches how to use screens.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
The coach should stress the importance of setting good screens. The players should also cut close to the screen.
Players / Coaches
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