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DRILL "Kercso's Help Defence Drill"
Title:Kercso's Help Defence Drill
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This is a great defensive drill. It is complex because the defender uses many elements of individual and team defence: stopping the penetrator from the help side, closing out, playing 1v1 with the offensive player who receives the ball, boxing out when a shot is taken, and ball side defence,when his man gets the ball.
Picture 1: O1 takes the shot, O3 goes to the rebound - X1 must box out and grab the rebound.
Picture 2: When O1 drives to the basket X1 who is in the help position must stop him.
Picture 3: O3 receives the ball from O1, X1 must close out and play 1v1 defence against O3 who has the ball.
Picture 4: O3 goes to the ball side to receive the ball, and X1 must cover the passing lane and play 1v1 when O3 receives the ball.
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Have players use their peripherial vision - they must seen their man and the ball.
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