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DRILL "2 v 2 Defensive End of Transition Drill (Gronskis)"
Title:2 v 2 Defensive End of Transition Drill (Gronskis)
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Begin with 2 offensive lines at either sideline on the half way line. The coach will have a ball and be in the middle of the circle at the halfway line. There are 2 defenders in the half court the scond defender will take the first pass and the 1st defender will take the second offensive player. The coach will pass to either side and they will attack the 2 defenders.
Goals / purpose / skills
- Practise end of trnasition defence
- Practise communication and stopping the ball in transition and establishing defensive position to pressure the ball
This can be used as a 2v2 end of transition advantage drill.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Players of defence must have the idea that they must make the offence always take the extra dribble, make the extra pass and make the extra penetration. Recovery and communication are essential in this drll. The lead defender must take up defensive position and not allow to much ground to the offence. It is important to emphasise take up position and pressure the ball gain the advantage! The second defender must establish defensive position keeping his man in front of him away from the ball but still be able to help and recover and also close out/deny his man.
Players / Coaches
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