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DRILL "Pivoting Half Court Drill"
Title:Pivoting Half Court Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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Footwork - Fundamental
O1 starts by cutting to the right corner. Here they come to a one step stop, then perform a reverse pivot. From there they make a V cut towards the low block, and coming out above the right elbow. Here they come to a one step stop once more, perform a forward pivot, receive a pass from O2 in the triple threat position, then score a layup. O1 rebounds their own ball and joins the passing line, O2 joins the other line after making the pass. Drill continues with O3.
Goals / purpose / skills
Practicing the forward and reverse pivot.
Mirror the lines onto the opposite sides of the court so that the forward and reverse pivots take place with the opposite pivot feet.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Footwork drill - emphasis on having balanced, travel free pivoting.
Players / Coaches
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