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DRILL "Star Passing"
Title:Star Passing
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This is a warmup drill. It is a passing drill in which everybody touches the ball quite often. We use this drill to get everybody in his comfort zone.
Picture 1: O1 passes the ball to O3 and cuts to the middle where he gets the ball back from O3. He then passes to O5.
Picture 2: After passing the ball back to O1, O3 cuts to the middle and recieves the ball from O5, he then passes it to O7. O1 Fills the line left next to his initial line.
Picture 3: After passing to O3, O5 cuts to the middle and recieves the ball from O7, he then passes it to O9. O3 fills the line left to his last line.
O2 starts the same movements as O1.
Picture 4: After passing to O5, O7 cuts to the basket where he recieves the ball from O9 for a layup. O9 rebounds the ball and now is at the beginning of the drill (like O1 in Picture 1). O7 fills the line left to his last line.
Goals / purpose / skills
The goals are to teach peripheral vision, concentration and team spirit.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
All players are asked to call the name of the player they are passing to.
Players / Coaches
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