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DRILL "1 Minute 5-0 10 Points Drill"
Title:1 Minute 5-0 10 Points Drill
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Place your players in each of their respective positions 1 through 5. Put 1 minute on the clock. The ball begins at half court with O1. At the sound of your whistle, the ball is in play and the clock is started. The entire 5 man unit has 1 minute to score 10 points. All 5 players MUST score 1 basket each and no 1 player can score more than 1 basket. After a basket is scored, the ball is kicked out to the PG at the top of the key and the drill is continued. This teaches the players how to move the ball on offence and decreases selfishness with the ball as well as gets the whole team involved. If the unit does not score 10 points in 1 minute, the entire unit runs a full court sprint.
Goals / purpose / skills
This particular drill introduces the concept of ball movement on offence. It is extremely effective with the younger age groups because they are able to learn the concept of passing in an offensive set. Passing, looking for the open man, teamwork.
If the unit is able to reach 10 points with ample time remaining, decrease the time limit from 1 minute to 55 seconds, to 50 seconds, to 45 seconds, to 40 seconds.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Accentuate quick, aggressive passing and ball movement. Remind the players of the remaining time on the clock to evoke quicker ball movement from the players. Encourage players to stay with it when they miss their shots.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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