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DRILL "Hessitate and Attack"
Title:Hessitate and Attack
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This drill is to develop the players ability to freeze defender with a hessitation dribble, then attack the basket.

Player will use a ratio of 2:1 (weak hand:strong hand) in this drill in order to develop weak hand dribbling ability.

1. Player starts at baseline with a cone at each elbow
2. Player dribbles the ball in outside hand past outside of the cone
3. Player uses outside hand spin dribble to turn to face basket (now above cone)
4. Player must set feet and look at the hoop (hessitate) before attacking the basket passing the cone.
5. Repeat twice on weak hand, once on strong hand (4 sets from each side)
6. Repeat but dribble past far cone to simulate extending play
Goals / purpose / skills
1. Develop hessitation dribble move
2. Develop weak hand dribble ability
1. Finish with floater (with dribble hand)
2. Finish with euro step
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
On hessitation, eyes must be on the basket and feet must be set, but ready to move (in stance)
Players / Coaches
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