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DRILL "Shooting / Layup Drill"
Title:Shooting / Layup Drill
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This is an Fun drill for two teams with 2+ players on each team. This drills purpose is to improve both shots and layups, as well as following the shot.

First team to 21 points wins.
Goals / purpose / skills There are no data
You Can Put The cones a the 3pt Range if the players are good enough shooters. You can also Raise/ lower the amount of points required to win.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
The point with this drill is to get 21 points before the other team.

If one Player Scres the shot from the cone he gets 2 Points.

If he scores the layup after he shoots he gets 1 point. Giving him a chance to score a total of 3 points each try.
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