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DRILL "Pick and roll off a dribble handoff to receive under the basket"
Title:Pick and roll off a dribble handoff to receive under the basket
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Coach stands on the wing position with the ball. PF makes a lead 'V' cut to receive the ball. Attention to players foot work as he receives the ball. Dribble entry toward the coach is made by the PF. PF gives a hand off pass and performs a pick and roll option with the coach.
Emphasis is made on the type of roll performed by the PF and how he receives the entry pass from the coach.
Goals / purpose / skills
Foot work and positioning out of a pick and roll
Pick and pop option
Played on both sides of the court, in case of ball reversal options
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Emphasis on the footwork when receiving the ball.
hand off position away from the 'defensive' player
roll to the basket need to be explosive into under basker position, or flare for shooting 'pick and popì position
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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