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DRILL "2-0 Full Court Warm Up Drill"
Title:2-0 Full Court Warm Up Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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O1 throws the ball against the backboard. He catches his own rebound and passes the ball to outlet O2. O2 dribbles the ball down the middle of the court. O1 runs behind O2 towards the opposite basket. At the three point line O2 stops his dribble and passes the ball to O1 who scores a layup without a dribble (the timing of the pass is important; no violations are allowed). After the layup O1 runs to the outlet position. O2 goes to rebound the ball and passes it to outlet O1. Now, O1 dribbles the ball down the floor and O2 runs behind him. O1 stops at the three point line and passes the ball to O2 who scores a layup without a dribble. O2 goes to the outlet position, O1 gets the rebound and the drill continues.
Goals / purpose / skills
Two man warm up drill.
Change the direction to perform the drill with the left hand. The drill could be perfromed without dribbling. As Picture 3 the players could pass the ball all the way down the floor. Take care of the correct execution without any violations.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
This is a warm up drill, the players have to start slow. They should increase their speed gradually. You can force the player during his dribbling to perform crossovers (e.g. between the legs, behind the back, etc.)
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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