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DRILL "Messina 1 on 1"
Title:Messina 1 on 1
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1. Offense and defense at one wing, single player on opposite wing.
2. Balls and rest of players a ToK. Defense tries to deny reception at wing, once ball is passed they play 1 on 1.
3. As basket is scored or defense gains control of the ball, the player that just finished his offense sprint to deny player on opposite side of floor.
4. First passer moves to side of the court where he passed the ball to become future offensive player.
5. Former first defender moves to the end of the line with the ball.
6. Drill is practically the same on the opposite side...
7. New passer can NOT pass the ball until the recovering defender has both feet out of the paint!
Goals / purpose / skills
OnBall-Defense, Closeout, Transition Defense
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