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DRILL "Half Court Dribbling Race"
Title:Half Court Dribbling Race
Author:FE Administrator
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Dribbling - One Ball Fundamental
Four cones are positioned in the four corners of a half court. At each cone there is one player with a ball. On a signal from the coach, the players start to dribble around the outside of the cones. Each player tries to catch the player ahead of them. After ten rounds the moving direction changes immediately and the players have to dribble in the other direction.
Goals / purpose / skills
Aim is to improve technical dribbling skills and stamina at the same time.
Raise the number of rounds. Coach could anytime change direction with a signal.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
On dribbling clockwise around the cones, the players are only allowed to use the left hand to dribble. Anti clockwise only the right hand.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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