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DRILL "Rebound - outlet - fastbreak"
Title:Rebound - outlet - fastbreak
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You set up the drill with 2 rebounders, 2 shooters, 2 outlet players and one defensive player. The coach passes the ball to shooter 1 or 2 (marked as offensive players 1 and 2). The shooter shoots and the two defensive players (1 and 2) must box out and secure the rebound. After getting the ball a quick outlet pass initiates a fast-break situation, where the two shooters return to help the defensive player on the other end. A 4 vs 3 situation is established. When the fast break is over a 3 vs 3 return situation is played with one of the outlet players remaining as new defensive player. The shooters become outlet players, the rebounders become shooters and two new rebounders enter from the waiting lines.
Goals / purpose / skills
The purpose of the drill is to teach boxing out, rebounding, outlet pass and fast transition from defense to offense.
If the shooters get the rebound in the first place the get another chance for shooting.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Add 'vocals' at your preference by calling "ball", "shot", "outlet"
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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