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DRILL "Suicide Shooting Drill"
Title:Suicide Shooting Drill
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This is a Shooting Drill constructed to imitate shooting under game conditions. You have to hit a shot running from each of the 4 lines from a suicide running drill(Free throw, Mid-court, Free throw, opposite baseline. There is one shooter and one rebounder. The shooter starts at the baseline crossing the sideline. He runs to the first free throw line and cuts to the basket, receives the ball and shoots. Afterwards he runs back to the start at the baseline. If he has missed the shot he has to do the same thing again until he hits. After he hits the shot he runs to the next line at mid-court, cuts to the basket and shots. Then to the other Free throw line and the opposite baseline.
Goals / purpose / skills
-shooting under game conditions
- Let the players shoot three pointers after the free throw run.
- Let them shoot out of the dribbling etc.
- You can use the whole court. So 4 players can shoot at the same time.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Concentrate on the right shooting fundamentals even though they have to run a lot. That's where they have to do it right to be successful.
Players / Coaches
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