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DRILL "4-0 Dog Days Full Court"
Title:4-0 Dog Days Full Court
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This drill is a great conditioning drill that works many aspects of the fast break. You need six cones to keep the players in proper lanes. It requires all four players to run the full length of the floor up and back two times. The cones should be set at the top of the key and at the free throw line extended at each end of the floor. O4 throws the ball off the backboard and goes for the rebound hard. O1 is ready on the baseline and sprints out to the top of the key as soon as O4 throws the ball against the backboard. O2 & O3 sprint the sidelines outside of the cones looking for the pass up court from O1. The wing that recieves the pass makes the decision to either pass directly back to the point, pass crosscourt to the opposite wing (which requires a perfect pass), or make the layup without a dribble. If the pass goes back to O1 he has to make the decision on who is in position for the easy layup. O2 & O3 cross and sprint the opposite sideline as before. O4 is sprinting to the other end of the floor to get the rebound out of the net before it hits the ground. Repeat the sequence until four layups have been shot.
Goals / purpose / skills
Fastbreak, quick outlet, passing, communication, layups.
Jump shots from the wing. Point jump shot. Trailer layup.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
O1 goes around the cone at the top of the key. O2 & O3 take a 45 degree angle from the cone to the hoop. The post sprints never letting the ball hit the floor. Stress communication on each pass and crisp passes up the floor. Put a time limit and a goal each time you run the drill e.g. 4 minutes, 50 layups.
Players / Coaches
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