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DRILL "3-0, 2-1, 2-1 Full Court"
Title:3-0, 2-1, 2-1 Full Court
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Start with three lines under the basket with the ball in the middle. O1 passes to O3, O3 passes back. Repeat passes from O1 to O2 to O1. When O1 reaches the top of the key have them make a bounce pass to O3 for a layup. O1 then defends the O2 & O3 2v1. After a shot is made or the defence steals the ball, O1 takes the ball out of bounds. The shooter or person the ball is stolen from or who turns it over becomes the defender against the opposite wing (man to man denying the inbounds pass). Once the pass is inbounds the two offensive players play 2v1 the length of the floor.
Goals / purpose / skills
This is a great drill for transitioning from offence to defence, making good passes, denying the ball inbounds, receiving the ball under pressure and pushing the ball up the floor and finishing the shot.
Instead of straight line passing you can run a three man weave.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis

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