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DRILL "2-0 - Guards - Penetrate & Pass"
Title:2-0 - Guards - Penetrate & Pass
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O1 starts with a ball at halfcourt. He executes different dribble moves around the cones and then kicks the ball out to O2.
O2 the returnes the ball to O1 who executes:
- a cut to the basket
- a cut to the corner and takes a shot
- a flare cut the weakside wing/corner and takes a shot
O2 rebounds the shot and becomes the next O1
Goals / purpose / skills
Scoring off the penetrate and kick.
Shooting out of the movement.
Use different dribble moves.
Start dribbling from the wing and place the passer on top of the key
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Watch proper shooting form.
Stress exact timing and precision passing.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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