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DRILL "3-3 Combination transition drill"
Title:3-3 Combination transition drill
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1st stage: 3 men tip the ball on the backboard
on the Coach's whistle they run the fastbreak.
Penetrate & kick twice (the rebounder will finish with lay up (option with a shot))

2nd stage: as 1st stage but 3 offensive players figure eight slides at FT line. On whistle one of the offensive players picks the ball out of the basket and 3 -3 on the other basket

3rd stage: as 1st and 2nd stage but now one defender picks the ball out of the basket and passes it behind the baseline to the new player. Offensive players become defensive players and one more time 3-3 on the other basket.
Goals / purpose / skills
Passing / transition / defense / concentration / communication
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