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DRILL "3 pt Fatigue Shooting drill"
Title:3 pt Fatigue Shooting drill
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Begin with 3 cones at the halfway line 1 in the middle and 1 at each sideline. There is 1 shooter, a passer and a rebounder. There will be 10 cones evenly spread on the 3 point line. The shooter will begin at the halfway line against the sideline. He will perform a defensive slide to the middle then back to the sideline facing the basket he is shooting into. Once he has perfromed this he will go to the basket and receive the pass from the passer who starts with the ball. Once he has shot he will go back to half and perfrom the same defensive slide. The shooter will shoot 5 shots on each side. Rebounders will become the shooters, passers to shooters then shooters to passers.
Goals / purpose / skills
- Shooting under a fatigued condition
You can do this as a mid range shooting drill and players shoot inside the 3pt line. This could be a 2 player drill with just a rebounder and shooter.
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