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DRILL "Full court Pick up and Slow Dribbler Down Drill"
Title:Full court Pick up and Slow Dribbler Down Drill
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Begin with 1 player at the foul line with the ball and 1 player underneath the basket without the ball. The player with the ball begins by passing to the player under the basket. The passer becomes the defence and the receiver the offence. They play 1 v 1 to the half then stop. The defender must slow the offensive player down and make him take lateral dribbles towards the sidelines.
Goals / purpose / skills
- Improve full court pick up and the ability to slow down and stop dribblers in transition.
- Forcing and keeping a dribbler out of the middle of the floor.
Add in;
- Play 1 v 1 to the opposite basket with offensive player trying to score.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Do not over run the ball as this will give the offence an advantage. Begin by making a short movement towards the offensive player as it is important not to give up space to a dribbler. Must force him out of the middle of the floor. Use techniques from previous drills to slow defender down.
Players / Coaches
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