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DRILL "3-3 Full Court w/ No Screens & No Dribble"
Title:3-3 Full Court w/ No Screens & No Dribble
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3 players are on offence, 3 on defence. The offence must advance the ball full court without dribbling or setting any screens for each other. No bounce passes or lob passes are allowed. The defence plays man to man, on the line up the line denying passing lanes. If the defence steals the ball they then attack the opposite basket using the dribble and screens if so required. Once the offence attempts a shot or scores the next group goes.
Goals / purpose / skills
The offence must learn to move without the ball.
Allow bounce and/or lob passes.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
All passes must be up the court. The defence is allowed to be very aggressive. Teach the offensive players to meet all of their passes. Once a shot is taken, boxing out and rebounding should be stressed.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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