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DRILL "1-1 Backdoor Cut for Alley Oop"
Title:1-1 Backdoor Cut for Alley Oop
Author:FE Administrator
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This drill simulates a strong deny play on the wing position. O2 is being guarded by X1. O2 is in the low post facing O1. X1, facing O2 and his arms up cannot see the ball. O2 must dummy his defender into thinking he is not going to receive the ball. He must remain without expression, making no movements and not looking directly at the ball. O1 passes the ball high towards the rim. O2 must move quickly, catching and shooting the ball all in one motion.
Goals / purpose / skills
Fundamental exercises to gets open and receive the ball under strong defensive pressure.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
The away from the ball movement should be performed at half speed. The cut to the basket has to be very fast.
Players / Coaches
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