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DRILL "1 v 1 Guarding situations in the half court"
Title:1 v 1 Guarding situations in the half court
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This drill is an extension of 1 v 1 sideline to sideline. When the player gets just over the sideline he will make a pass to the middle at the 3 pt line and cut towards the basket. On his cut he will pause to receive the ball on the block with the defender trying to establish position. The offensive player will the flair to the corner with the defender establishing position in help with his body open to the ball. The offensive player will then make a sprint back to the ball the defensive player will step into the passing lane and bump the player. The offensive player will then swing through along the baseline and look to receive the ball on the opposite wing. The defender will step into the passing lane and steal the ball for a lay-up on the opposite side.
Goals / purpose / skills
- Improve the transition from full court defence to guarding in the 1/2 court.
- Guarding varied situations within half court offence
- Practising and improving technique of guarding different situations within half court offence.
This drill can be run just as a half court drill with the 2 players beginning at the half. You can vary the person receiving the ball in the half court from players to coaches. Add in help and recover on the flair to the corner keeping defender active.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Break down each part of this drill and componants of skill needed to guard the situation;
- At the half do not give up the middle of the floor and force offensive player to the sideline (nominating a ballside/weakside early)
- on the pass players must jump to the ball and be 1 step up the line of the pass in their stance with there outside arm in the passing lane and outside foot on the line in a closed stance to the ball
- You must turn hips and use outside are to prevent the back cut on the first part of offence
- When guarding the post in this situation players must be 3/4 in front.
- When guarding the flair the defender takes up a position a third of the way up the line of the pass with an open stance seeing ball and man and ready to help and recover to his man. He must keep his man in front of him and not allow him to back cut.
- When the offensive player sprints back to ball the defender must see his initial movement and bump him so he stands up and deny the pass. You must make coantact with the offensive player first before you deny.
- When the offensive player swings through the defender must force him underneath and away using his guard arm to push him wider and to also keep contact. If you are a guard v a big you must full front as he gets to the block and force him underneath the basket by backing him down not allowing any easy post entry.
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