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DRILL "5 Minute Shooting Drill"
Title:5 Minute Shooting Drill
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4 Spots 5 Minutes (1min15secs per spot).

2 Lines. One on the elbow. The other on the double block. Ball is passed from elbow line to block line, who shoots, gathers his own rebound and passes back to elbow line and joins. Elbow line follows pass to block line.

After 1min15secs queues reverse roles. Elbow queue to shoot, block queue to pass. After another 1min15secs both queues change sides of the key, still shoot from elbow pass from block. Final 1min15secs pass from elbow shoot from block.
Goals / purpose / skills
Quick Release Shooting. Time Pressure.
Extend Range.
On double block players cut in from baseline.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Step into the feeding pass.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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