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DRILL "Kercso's Complicated Offensive Drill"
Title:Kercso's Complicated Offensive Drill
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Ther are 3 teams of two players (O1 & O2); (O3 & O4); (O5 & O6). The first pair are passing the ball, at the quarter court. When they touch the half court line, the inside man (O2) runs to the corner and closes out, and plays 1v1 with O9, the perimeter offensive player (near the side line O1) passes the ball to O7 who before the pass "V" cuts then he receive the ball and gets in the triple threat position. In this time O1 goes to the cone and makes a body fake and penetrates to the basket, gets the ball from O7, and shoots a layup or a jump shot. After the first action O7 rebounds the ball and goes behind the back off O9. O1 who takes the shot, goes to the passing groups behind. O2 becomes an outside player with his new partner O9.
Goals / purpose / skills
In this drill we use passing, give and go, penetrating, triple threat position, 1v1 defence and offence. It is a great complicated tactical and technical drill.
We can put a pasive defender in the drill.
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