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DRILL "1-0 Circle Cut Drill w/ Coach"
Title:1-0 Circle Cut Drill w/ Coach
Author:FE Administrator
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This drill simulates a strong deny play on the wing position. O1 brings his defender with a half speed movement in to the key, circles around and then sprints with a very fast movement to the ball and pops out to the wing. O1 receives a pass from the coach and now he decides to shoot straight away (Picture 1), dribble penetrate to the basket (Picture 2), fake a shot and go for a one dribble jump shot baseline (Picture 3) or fake a shot and go for a jumper from the free throw line (Picture 4). The circle cut is a combination of an I-cut and a V-cut.
Goals / purpose / skills
Fundamental exercise to get open and receive the ball under strong defensive pressure.
If the player performs the drill correctly, he should practice the movement against a defender. At the beginning the defender should work at half speed.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
The movement in to the key should be performed at half speed. The offensive player should always be prepared for a backdoor pass in case the defender is playing too high. The movement out of the key has to be very fast. Emphasise correct footwork, timing and speed. In Pictures 2,3 and 4 O1 should fake every time when he receives the ball.
Players / Coaches
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