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DRILL "3 Man Tip Drill"
Title:3 Man Tip Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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O1 takes the ball and throws it against the backboard. O2 jumps up, catches the rebound and tips it against the board again. O3 performs the same action. In the meantime O1 runs around the cone and takes the ball tipped from O3. Continue this for 30-60 seconds.
Goals / purpose / skills
The intention is to improve endurance and to practice rebound timing.
You can use as many players as you want in this drill. But if you have more players you have to move the cone so that the whole group stays in motion. Players should first use either hand to tip. After players feel comfortable, they should use only one hand to tip the ball.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Players should keep their hands above their shoulders all the time. Players should jump off both feet and use two hands to catch the ball. Each player should move quickly to the next spot.
Players / Coaches
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