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DRILL "3 Ball Half Court Warm Up"
Title:3 Ball Half Court Warm Up
Author:FE Administrator
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Make three lines at half court, one on the left side, one on the right side and one in the middle. There is one player under the basket on the left side of the key, and one on the right. Both these players have a ball and so does the 1st player in the middle line (O1). O1 passes right or left, then they go through a three man weave, and when the player that started with the ball gets the ball back he shoots a layup. O2 & O3 run to the elbows and are passed the ball from the players under the basket. O4 & O5 close out on O2 & O3. O2 & O3 get their own rebound and go under the basket, whilst O1 passes the rebound from his layup back to the O7.
Goals / purpose / skills
Warm up drill for shooting, passing, layups, closing out.
A drill much like this can be done full court using 5 balls.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Make sure the players under the basket close out then box out the shooters before getting in line, and make the middle line pass to the other side after a few minutes.
Players / Coaches
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