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DRILL "Post - Wing interraction drill"
Title:Post - Wing interraction drill
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Improve the interaction between the post and wing players in 2 on 2 situations.
Before this drill you can repeat basics like give and go, hand-off passing, pick and roll, screening, boxing out

Posts and wing players get divided in separate groups.
Wings go to the middle circle (3)
Posts go to the baseline (4)

One wing goes in offense, closely guarded by another wing
One Pivot posts himself up at the edge of the key.

(3) passes the ball to (1) who starts playing 2 on 2 with the pivot
Attention points:
- Pivot needs to position himself to give the wing the possibility to give him a pass
- Both need to communicate non verbal
- Use of screens
- Hand-off passing
- Give and go
- Pick and roll

After one goal attempt, the offence becomes defense, (3) and (4) become offense
The two defenders sprint to the other end of the court and take a shot. (Own rebound and place ball back where they took it)
Goals / purpose / skills
Improve the interaction between the post and wing players in 2 on 2 situations
Play 3 on 3 with a pointguard on top and make the players play out the triangles

Drill ends after the rebound, in case of an offensive rebound, defense needs to do push ups (stimulates boxing out)
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
This is a general drill where other basics can be focused up on (like shooting, boxing out, fast break, ...)
Players / Coaches
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