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DRILL "Building a defense"
Title:Building a defense
Author:kootsj K
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1) Defensive footwork without ball: sprint, close out, slide, back paddle

2) Defensive footwork without ball: slide, close out, slide, back paddle

3) 1 on 1: slide from corner the cone and sprint to the ball

4) X rolls ball, close out, follows ball with hands, O 2 dribbles and X reacts with big open step and slide

5) same as #4 but pass to coach and passer to the wing, X denial = 1 on 1

6) X JTTB after O's pass to coach, O cut + ball side replace= X stays always in denial! O cut away from the ball= X in help position and stops penetration dribble from coach, coach dribbles to guard spot + pass to O= X from help to on ball defense: 1 on 1

7) Coach rolls ball to wing, O pick up, X close out + 1-1

8) Same as #7 but another angle

9) Ball starts with X, 3 passes and play 1-1 from wing

10) Ball starts with X, 3 passes and play 1-1 from top

11) 3 passers try to pass inside, X's from denial to help position, steal or deflect ball

12) 2-2 from help to on ball defense with 3 passers, 2 offensive and 2 defensive players

13) 2 passers and 1 active player around perimeter, 1 defensive player on ball defense in the corner on passer 1, different rotations in defense to end 1-1 on wing:
* passer 1 pass to passer 2 = X from on ball to flat triangle (black lines)
* passer 2 to O = X from flat triangle to middle help position (blue line)
* O1 dribbles towards basket= X1 stops dribble (red lines)
* O1 passes to Passer 2 and sprint to wing between 2 passers, X play denial = 1-1 (green lines)
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