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DRILL "1 v 1 On-ball Defense - make the offense turn"
Title:1 v 1 On-ball Defense - make the offense turn
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1 v 1 full court

This is a 1 v 1 drill with emphasis on the on ball defense. The players are given a certain width of the court to play in (In the graphic it is basket to basket line, for different see variations). The drill is just about getting to the other side of the court. The defense can score if the make the offense turn. The offense on the other hand tries to avoid that to score.
Goals / purpose / skills
1. Defense must keep chest in front of offence and not give them an open driving lane
2. Defense must dictate offence and make them turn
- Block to block
- Wing to wing
- Sideline to sideline

- Form drill
- Form drill to half way, then check up and play
- Live full court

- 0 turns = offence 1 point
- 1 turn = no points
- 2+ turns = defence 1 point
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- Offense has to stay in the given corridors (see width)

Defenders Coaching Points:
- Nose on ball
- Weight through balls of feet
- Guarding distance between 1 and 1.5 arms length away
- 2 'power slides' to contain
- If no contain after 2, sprint to get back in front
- 'Beat' offensive player to spot, don't 'meet' them
- Feet go from BIG stance, to BIGGER stance, and back to BIG
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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