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DRILL "Big Man Drill 1-0 + Coach"
Title:Big Man Drill 1-0 + Coach
Author:FE Administrator
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Power Moves
Picture 1: O1 is facing the backboard. He starts with the ball in both hands held above his head. He jumps up and bangs the ball against the backboard, or if not tall enough he reaches as high as he can. He forward pivots towards the sideline, makes an outlet pass to the coach with the ball still high, and V-Cuts to the top of the arc, cutting back to the ball side low block, always looking at the ball.

Picture 2: Coach passes the ball back in to O1 who makes a post move and scores. Putback any missed shots. He rebounds his own ball, bangs it against the backboard and repeats the drill five times on each block (left and right).
Goals / purpose / skills
Big man conditioning, outlet pass, low block moves.
Use different post moves, drop stepping baseline, drop stepping middle, turning baseline and turning middle. Have O1 cut only to the high post, and receive the pass there. Add a defender.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Keep the ball high throughout, elbows out.
Players / Coaches
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