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DRILL "Sideline defensive reaction drill"
Title:Sideline defensive reaction drill
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Begin with getting your team into pairs. Have 1 offensive player begin with the ball standing outside the sideline. His partner the defender will face him in his defensive stance towards the outside of the court with his feet square to the sideline. The offensive player will begin by easy dribbling down the sideline and he will change speed to a sprint. Here the defender must react to the change of speed from the offensive player and turn his hips and sprint in front of the offensive player.
Goals / purpose / skills
- Improve defenders reaction to a sprinting dribbler
- Improve first step and change of direction for defender.
Add in;
- Offensive player must crab dribble when slowly dribbling mirroring the movements of the defender
- If the defender does not cut his man off on the change of speed the offensive player can turn into court and go to score
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
This drill is mostly a reaction drill as it is unrealistic, in certain respects to game situation. Players must turn their hips and get their body back level with the ball to slow the offensive player down. Defenders must stay in their stance and use a cross over step as their first step in change of speed.
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