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DRILL "Two Team 1-1 Fast Break"
Title:Two Team 1-1 Fast Break
Author:FE Administrator
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Two teams stand behind their own baseline. One player has the ball (O1), and one defender from the other team with him (X2). O1 dribbles to the other basket as fast as possible to score, while X2 tries to steal the ball. As soon as O1 has scored (or lost the ball) he will become the defender against a new offensive player (in ths case O3 - a team mate of X2).
Goals / purpose / skills
A player must score or turn over the ball before the next player may take over. The first player must be aware of his immediate defensive role after his score. The new player must also go as fast as possible.
Use both sides of the floor.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
With an odd number of players, every pairing of players will vary.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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