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DRILL "Maurizios shot selection drill no 1"
Title:Maurizios shot selection drill no 1
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The idea is to let two players compete on first hitting a basket. Two cones are placed uon the FT-line in a way that only one player can pass at a time. Two players starts at the same time outside the 3P-line and goal is to get through the cones and be the first to score. You can shoot in whatever fashion and from wich position you want to as lon as you have dribbled through the cones.
Goals / purpose / skills
To help players decide wich shot is the best: the tight one (lay-up) or the middlerange/in-the-paint jumper depending on your position accordingly to your opponent and your own skills.
Yoy can change position of cones, number of players, timelimit, number of shots allowed aso. depending on what you want to emphasize
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
You can start the drill without cones
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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