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DRILL "Dribble Moves 1-0"
Title:Dribble Moves 1-0
Author:FE Administrator
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Dribbling - One Ball Change of Direction Dribbling Fundamentals
All players have a ball. O1, O2 & O3 dribble at O4, O5 & O6 respectively. When they meet in the middle they will execute the a move, with the same move on the way back (i.e. twice each). The moves to be executed are as follows:
a) crossover (L & R)
b) behind the back (L & R)
c) hesitation (L & R)
d) reverse spin (L & R)
e) fake spin (L & R)
f) between the legs (L & R)
Goals / purpose / skills
Work on dribbling with strong & weak hands, dribble moves, and keeping their head up throughout so they can see the court.
Have the three players attacking towards the basket shoot a layup or jump shot after making their move.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Ensure everyone is going right 1st time every time, and left 2nd time, so nobody dribbles into another player making the same but opposite handed move.
Players / Coaches
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