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DRILL "5 Man Weave, 5-(1 to 5) Fast Break"
Title:5 Man Weave, 5-(1 to 5) Fast Break
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Passing - In Motion
5 players will begin on one baseline and move to the other basket by using a 5 man weave. On the way back players will fill lanes into their fast break options. Five defensive players will stand with a coach at half court and wait for the coach to call out a number (1 through 5). The number of players the coach calls out will get on the court to defend the offensive players, while the others must wait until all of the offensive players are past the half court line, then sprint to the centre circle, and get into the play.
Goals / purpose / skills
To teach offensive concepts out of the fast break. To practice defence with a disadvantage.
Variations There are no data
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Offensive players should move quickly with good spacing in filling the lanes. They should use their advantage to execute the break. Defensive players should sprint to recover and communicate to get matched up.
Players / Coaches
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