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DRILL "High Pick&Roll defence into 3-3"
Title:High Pick&Roll defence into 3-3
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One group of players is in the corner and the other players are on the same side, in between three point line and center of the court. Centers are on the base line, on the opposite side, between the corner and zone. Player O1 dribbles the ball towards the center. In that time O2 runs to middle and sets a screen for O1. In case O2 starts to roll towards the basket, than defensive player who is guarding O3 comes to bump O2, while his defensive player doesn’t come back. After this entry, they start to play three on three.
Goals / purpose / skills
It’s a very simple drill, but very efficient, if you want to train defence against middle P&R.
Players are rotated in the way that defensive players play offence and vice versa.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
There are 15 players and one ball. Coach has to watch for mistakes and to correct them, also he has to insist on great intensity of the drill.
Players / Coaches
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