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DRILL ""2on2 Halfcourt & Fullcourt" by Carlo Recalcati"
Title:"2on2 Halfcourt & Fullcourt" by Carlo Recalcati
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Graphic 1:

Two offensive players 1, with a ball, and 3, and two defenders, 2 on 1 and 4 on 3, and two players on the wings, 5 and 6. 1 and 3 attack 2 and 4. After a scored basket or a rebound, let´s assume that 1 has shot, 2 goes out to the baseline and passes to 5. 1, after shooting, becomes the defender of 5. 3 becomes the defender and recovers on 6, who, in the meantime, has run to touch the mid court line and comes back. The players play two-on-two. The drill continues with this pattern.
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Graphic 2:

same drill as before, but after the first shot, the new offensive players, play fullcourt 2on2 now. Two extra players wait, on the wings on the other half of the court, 7 and 8. The drill continues with this pattern.
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