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DRILL "Baseline to Corner / Baseline to Top of the Key Close Out"
Title:Baseline to Corner / Baseline to Top of the Key Close Out
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O1 is standing at the right corner, and O2 is standing at the top of the key. The rest of the group is behind the baseline. X3 makes a two-handed chest pass to O1 and immediately sprints and closes out with feet squeaking and one hand up challenging the shooter. Once they have tapped the ballhandler then that person is allowed to shoot. Once a shot has been taken X3 immediately locates, blocks out, then rebounds and throws the ball to the next person in line. Once O1 has taken a shot X4 throws a pass to O2 and repeats the process. As your team gets better at closing out and challenging the shooter then allow for dribble penetration (3 to 4 dribbles). Sometimes you may have two balls in action at the same time which is OK when you are just shooting but try to avoid this with the dribble drive. Push the ballhandlers to the baseline or funnel them out of the key. If performed correctly you can work and place emphasis on all of the following areas: closing out, defensive position, shooting under pressure, rebounding, defending against dribble penetration etc.
Goals / purpose / skills
To learn the correct close out technique.
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